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 On December 1, 2015 John Trap created a new migration action, Trap Adventures, Inc. providing esoteric adventure trips.  The aftercited performances occurred during December 2015. (NOTE: There are no rise estimates – this is a new assembly.) Dec 1John Trap invested $60,000 currency in the assembly for despicable hoard.2Purchase appointment equipment for $17,500 currency.2The assembly fissureed replete appointment interintermeacertain by paying $18,000 currency for the primitive six months (December 2015 - May 2016) fissure.3The assembly purchased $1,500 of appointment anticipation on recital.10The assembly compensated $3,600 currency for the recompense on a 12-month protection management.14The assembly compensated $10,750 currency for two weeks' salaries earned by employees.24The assembly composed $54,000 currency on commissions from liveliness on tickets geted for customers.28The assembly compensated $12,125 currency for two weeks' salaries earned by employees.29The assembly compensated $350 currency for inferior repairs to the assembly's computer.30The assembly compensated $450 currency for this month's telephone reckoning.30Dividends of $3,000 currency were compensated. Final Project Requirements Using the spreadquibble deep here and advice aloft, consummate the aftercited: Adjustment Data: One month's protection coverage has expired. The assembly qualified the appointment interintermeacertain for the month of December. At the end of the month, $600 of appointment anticipation are quiet suited. Create life entries to annals the performances that occurred during the month of December. (Completed in Unit 3) Prepare an unadjusted tribulation estimate (Completed in Unit 3) Create adjusting life entries at the end of the year, December 31 grounded on the structure grounds.  Prepare an adjusted tribulation estimate.  Prepare an pay declaration, declaration of hoardholders' equity, and classified estimate quibble.  Create bankruptcy life entries to end all transient recitals.  Prepare post-bankruptcy tribulation estimate.  In adduction, solution TWO of the scrutinys adown in 1-2 largely open stipulations.  A largely open stipulation should feel a important sharp-end after a while 3 to 5 stay sentences.  One or two sentences is not satisfactory or does not debate the scrutiny.  Be certain to pomp what you know!!!  Trap Adventures, Inc. is looking for an recitalant.  In your own utterance, interpret to Trap's hiring team the role of recitalant and recitaling after a whilein matter.  Supply examples of the expectations of the recitalant.  Discuss the financial standing of Trap Adventures, Inc. using the aftercited relevancys:   Curfiscertain relevancy  Return on equity: For each relevancy, supply the apportionment and an description of the import.  Is this a fixed or indirect outcome for the Trap Adventures, Inc.? Using Trap Adventures, Inc.'s pay declaration, evaluate the operations for the month of December.  Consummate a despicable-size pay declaration using sales as the deep estimate.  What is the largest percentage?  What is the last percentage?  What recommendations could be made to acception Trap's net pay?  Currently, Trap Adventures, Inc. does not own any mortgages or bank notes (long-term liabilities).  What would occur if Trap decides to get a bank mortgage for $25,000 to stock daily operations?  How would this performance collision the financial declarations - which recitals would be unsupposable?  What is the score to equity relevancy?  What does the score to equity relevancy represent