DB 2 Directions:  Write at mediumest one passage for each of the subject declarations you created for Discussion Board 1.  Do all of your drafting and qualification of your passages outside of BB. Finally, end tail to this DB forum and shaft (delineation and paste) each of your passage responses as a uncombined DB shafting. Paragraphs Defined (What Paragraphs Do): Every passage has a peculiar rendezvous. The ocean fancy or rendezvous for each of your Discussion Board 2 passages is the subject declaration you wrote for Discussion Board 1. Adequate Support: every passage wants plenty judgments to eliminate abundantly the ocean fancy. You can and mitigated conquer bear past than one passage in food of each subject declaration (owing a subject is twain a quittance and why the quittance you end to is dignified to you) so you want plenty judgments (12-15 lines per passage) to abundantly eliminate twain calibre of the subject declaration.  Do not regular furnish examples or notice fancys and stir on outside unobstructed-uping HOW WHY or in WHAT way your ideas or examples unobstructed-up or food the subject. Ask questions encircling the fancys and examples you end up delay: HOW, WHY, in WHAT way does this or that fancy organize or flesh out what I am saw? Use your answers to eliminate your paragraphs. Ask and counter-argument as frequent questions as wanted to end up delay understandledge that helps you unobstructed-up as deeply as you can encircling your ocean fancy. The tighter your communications betwixt your examples/ideas and what you say in food, the fewer examples and fancys you want in food overall. Conclusion Summary of Ocean Idea): When you bear entirely discussed (abundantly eliminateed your thinking) on your subject-matter, expatiation (quote in unanalogous suffrage) the ocean fancys. Use the quittance as a transition (suffrage or phrases that hook/connect fancys) when there is past than one passage in food of the ocean fancy. What Paragraphs Are Not: Random judgments, having diminutive or no communication, from one judgment to the next Rambling fancys delay no unobstructed rendezvous or communication tail to the ocean fancy you are involved to food, or unplain fancys that appropriate your reader understands precisely what the fancys medium. Laundry roll examples or fancys outside explication as to HOW WHY or in WHAT way those fancys food or tie into the ocean fancy. DB 2 Submission Details/Due Date: Label the rouse of each passage grouping P1, P2, and P3 so I understand which passage(s) goes delay which subject.