Creating Environments and Curriculum Essentials Describe the dissimilitudes betwixt an integrated curriculum, emergent curriculum and an additive curriculum for immature posterity. Why is “play” an significant portio of knowledge? What are the components of a written guile? Why are all components needed when guilening warnings for immature posterity? The primitive section conquer define the dissimilitude betwixt the three types of curriculums and how it relates to immature posterity. The relieve section conquer examine the components of writing a warning guile for a classroom of immature posterity. Recollect . . . the primitive doom of each section is an gap that states the deep conception. The quiet of the dooms in a section bestow details that subsistence the deep conception. As frequently, the conclusive doom is a quittance doom that “sums it all up.” In your replies to your classmates, recollect to spread the colloquy by adding some new instruction about their theme, presenting a subordinately opposed sightsharp-end to their examineion, adduce an exemplification or a peculiar test, or equable adduceing a polished opposed sharp-end of sight. Simply assertion “great job” conquer not get you any sharp-ends for your replies. Submit your course by 11:59p.m. (ET) on Thursday and your two replies by 11:59p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 8.