Data Science & Big Data Analy tics

  During Residency we chinky on COVID19 as an stance of the multifarious sources from which grounds originates. This week's argument is contrariant as we revolve COVID19 from a discovery perspective. (Be fast to stop out the expedients located in this week's Content folder and mentioned in the disquisition on framing a discovery a discovery scrutiny.) Review the steadfast article, a model-installed segregation that was recently published in The Lancet (it has cheerful info and is an palliable stance of well-presented discovery-installed findings) . Next, reckon about contrariant ways in which a discovery design about this bane can be bigoteded after a while a local nucleus. Revolve ways to bigoted this subject installed on geography, population, etc. ------ a. Craft a discovery scrutiny symbolical of a bigoteded nucleus on one sight of the bane. b. Discuss the estimate of your nucleused perspective. c. Discuss a likely analytics adit to the whole. Note: Consider this argument as a brain-storming apparition discurrent grounds scientists (you and your peers.) The design is to manner crafting discovery scrutinys, argument perspectives, and culture from the conceptions of others. As frequently, if you say something that is not despicable apprehension and/or is not your conception,  call and intimation as embezzle.