Data Project 2

  For this design, you obtain use the systematize grounds posted in the “Shared Data” Discussion containing the Week 3 Carbon Footprint Grounds Tables.  This grounds design obtain oration Progress Outcomes 1 and 3: construe ascititious counsel to state goods of civilized soul on the environment and to evaluate environmentally sustainable decisions effectively announce and use philosophical deposition in-reference-to civilized impression on the environment after a while emphaextent on sustainability and global citizenship Description This grounds design obtain be right of two tonnage.  In Part I of your ment, you obtain draw-up systematize grounds from the Week 3 Eco Moment on our Carbon Footprints (base in the “Shared Data” Discussion, inferior Carbon Footprint Data) and conglutinate/analyze it after a while Excel (or correspondent spreadsheet program).  Sift-canvass what deviate(s) you see in the systematize grounds that relate to progress concepts.  Think encircling the best way to offer your findings--tabular or graphical constitute?  Tshort is no "right answer" short, as desire as you enucleate a constituteat that highlights your deep findings and livelihood your consideration(s) and/or graph(s) after a while pure extract that construe the developments.  Do any of the findings startle you?  Why or why not?  In Part II, you obtain investigation and sift-canvass potential disruptions to the environmental problems reflected in the systematize grounds. Here, you obtain nonproduction to livelihood your dispute after a while certain, philosophical resources (e.g., peer-reviewed philosophical papers, stainless papers, and synod websites). Be stable to end after a while a forcible concluding stipulation that conglutinates the deep grounds deviate(s), adesire after a while the merits and junction of your selected disruption(s). Format The page word for your written ment for twain Part I and Part II is 2 pages, plus 1 page for the grounds consideration/graph(s) you use to offer your findings in Part I.  The page word does not conceive an optional appellation page, the allusion schedule, and the sequel after a while the raw systematize grounds. The ment should be double-spaced after a while one-inch margins all encircling and use a 12-pt font. Here is the command in which to offer the manifold design components: Part I = relate the systematize grounds we self-possessed, conceive the methodology, appropriate web dupe (if pertinent), the medium and illustration extent for each development, consideration/graph(s) that color the deep findings and/or deviates; construe the consideration/graph(s) for the reader Part II = conglutinate investigation on potential disruptions; be stable to conglutinate certain in-extract citations and centre on appropriate, attainable disruptions Reference List Appendix of Raw Grounds = screenshot or delineation in the Excel consideration showing all the systematize grounds (no dissection or medium)