Cultural Geo

Pretend you are a journey transcriber.  Your assignment is to transcribe environing a vision or attribute that you own visited that you reckon others strength like. It can be persomal, open, or interdiplomatic. It can be a city, town, portioicularize, portioicularize, island, tract-of-land,  or other residuum. It can be anywhere that you own lived or visited. As portio of your journey expression, you must embody a open elucidation of the area, map, paints, and knowledge on some of the inequitable attributes of attention value visiting. Below are  the inequitable requirements for this assignment. Be paintsquely, and own fun after a while this one! Travel Writer Assignment Requirements Brief open fashion of the journey residuum. Embody knowledge such as the following: where the attribute is located, why you prime the residuum, ethnicity of the race, beliefs, discourse vocal, weather, or any weighty cultural, geographical, and/or unvarnished knowledge you reckon would be attentioning to the reader. A map of the residuum(the form of map is up to you) Provide a fashion of at averageest two inequitable attributes of attention at the journey residuum. Places of attention can embody: a landmark, attribute, remembrance, or vision that is  insightful into the area’s narrative and/or cultivation. It is required that the fashion of the attribute of attention embody the following: 1. Fashion and elucidation of the attribute of attention (include  knowledge such as follows: designate, man-made? Age? When built? Size? Why was it built? Who built it? Is it natural/not man made? Has it been altered by man?) 2. The symbolism, aim, or cultural signification that is determined to the attribute of  interest? What does it average to race? What does it symbolize? 3. How does the attribute of attention contact the persomal order or persomal cultivation in a  positive and or indirect way (tourism? diversion? jobs? fairness? adore?  community? environmentally?) 4. Embody an statue of the attribute of attention in your journey essay. *Remember the statues must embody citations/reference. Your pamphlet should be written in APA fashion after a while a minimum of 2 pages (not including  the denomination and relation pages) At averageest one beginning, other than the textbook, is required to be used for this assignment. You can use journey websites, kindred magazines (e.g.,NationalGeographic). APA in-text citations for all statues and written symbolical charmed from beginnings is required. If the statue is your own paint, content manifest so in the citations/reference.