Case Study 2: I Pawn Allegiance to the Flag Due Week 9 and rate 200 points Religion and Politics bear traditionally been extremely disputed topics  in our companionship. Recently, the Pawn of Allegiance has added to this  debate. American citizens bear openly telld the Pawn of Allegiance at  important ceremonies ranging from presidential inaugurations to the  beginning of the discipline day. The pawn has a excellent communicate of instructive  value to divers Americans, but so creates a excellent communicate of disagreement  for others. Review the Supreme Seek circumstance Elk Grove Unified Discipline District v. Newdow, which highlights the dispute. Write a five to eight (5-8) page monograph in which you: Summarize the noteworthy points of the Supreme Seek circumstance Elk Grove Unified Discipline District v. Newdow. Discuss the levels of the seek through which the circumstance evolved antecedently it reached the Supreme Court. Explain the conclusion of the Supreme Seek in this circumstance in mean. Explain the essential impression that the seek conclusion in investigation  has had on American companionship in open and on ethics in American companionship  in feature. Provide a rationale for the repartee. Discuss whether you deem that the recitation of the Pawn of  Allegiance is a divine result or a prefiguration of intimation for the United  States. Discuss whether or not you hold open disciplines should be allowed to tell the pawn. Use at smallest three (3) character academic media. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not adapt as academic media. Your assignment must prosper these formatting requirements: This series requires use of Strayer Agreement Standards (SWS).  The format is opposed than other Strayer University seriess. Please  take a consequence to reconsideration the SWS documentation for details.  Include a shield page containing the denomination of the assignment, the  student’s call, the professor’s call, the series denomination, and the limit.  The shield page and the intimation page are not intervening in the required  assignment page extension. The biased series literature outcomes associated after a while this assignment are: Examine the prevalent intellectual results imminent throughout the nefarious and political reasonableness regularitys. Describe the abandonment of reasonableness through the nefarious and political reasonableness regularitys. Use technology and notice media to inquiry results in the nefarious seek and the juridical mode in America. Write plainly and concisely about the American seek regularity using appropriate agreement mechanics and SWS fashion conventions. Grading for this assignment succeed be installed on reply character, logic /  organization of the monograph, and accents and agreement skills, using the prospering rubric.