critical thinking

   · The Assignment must be submitted on Blackboard (WORD format simply) via allocated folder. · Assignments submitted through email conquer not be not spurious. · Students are advised to produce their performance playing and well-behaved-behaved presented, marks may be subdued for penniless bestowal. This includes satisfaction your instruction on the secrete page. · Students must remark scrutiny calculate playingly in their rejoinder. · Late surrender conquer NOT be not spurious. · Avoid plagiarism, the performance should be in your own suffrage, mimicking from students or other resources extraneously right referencing conquer development in ZERO marks. No litigious.  · All rejoindered must be typed using Times New Roman (dimension 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing citation conquer be not spurious and conquer be considered plagiarism). · Submissions extraneously this secrete page conquer NOT be not spurious.     · This assignment is an personal assignment. · Citing of references is besides certain. Learning Outcomes:  · Identify elder components of interdiplomatic affair conduct (CLO 1.1) · Discuss the reasons for and methods of synods’ agency in dealing (CLO 1.4) · Understand processes of exporting and importing (Lo:7) Critical Thinking Read the Conduct Focus on, “NAFTA’s Tomato Wars,” profitable in your e-book (page no. 620), and rejoinder the forthcoming scrutinys:  Assignment Question(s):  1. Was the literature of a restriction foundation worth for tomatoes consonant after a while the playing dealing principles enshrined in the NAFTA concurrence? 2. Who benefits from the specification of tomatoes grown in Mexico? Who suffers? Give arguments in help of your rejoinder. 3. Do you consider that Mexican producers were dumping tomatoes in the United States? Give reasons. 4. What do you consider conquer be the collision of the new remarkable foundation worth? Who benefits from the remarkable foundation worth? Who suffers? Give logics. 5. What do you consider is the optimal synod plan solution less? Explain your rejoinder.