criminal justice (Preparation for Hurricane Alexi)

  Part I Scenario: It is destruction suitableness. Destruction Alexi is on the way and the prevent calls for torrential rain, bitter flooding and exalted winds. There is subterranean sympathy for forcible injury to gear and dropping of vitality. Your office (All Saints Police Station)is tasked delay creating an strait address rejoinder scheme for the destruction. One ingredient of the strait rejoinder scheme gain apprehend the use of political resources anteriorly, during and succeeding the destruction. Please do the following: 1. Identify and picture all key personnel who gain performance on the strait rejoinder scheme 2. Create a scheme in influence of your vindication for basic and uncertainty funding 3. Picture at lowest indecent goals for the strait rejoinder scheme 4. Interpret the coordination efforts among different agencies (including hospitals) in provision for Destruction Alexi 5. Develop and interpret your political resources diplomacy for Destruction Alexi 6. Gain you maintainer for the use of drones in liberate efforts? If yes, why? If no, why not? 7. Gain collaborative leadership be powerful in this scenario? Please afford a inferential description for your rejoinder. afford entire disquisition APA phraseology concurrently delay powerpoint offer.