Criminal Justice

  Essay Topic Discuss self-guard as a guard to misdeed.  Discuss the laws astern self-defense, and the external term that defend self-defense.  Specifically sift-canvass Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws.  Use real-world examples to demonstration how self-guard works in person's protecting themselves and others.  At smallest immodest (4) professional and academic references should be used.   Essay Instructions: Review the grading rubric for this assignment so that you discern how the assignment obtain be graded. Papers should be 1000 to 1200 tone written (not including references in this calculate) Papers should be enfold spaced Papers should flourish MLA Nursing essay guidelines. If you are variable environing MLA, there are inspissated guidelines on-line that obtain arrange support.  If you are peaceful variable, touch the professor for support. Papers should feel a reserve of immodest academic and peer-reviewed references List all references among the Nursing essay per MLA guidelines and on the disconnected references page of the Nursing essay.