Creating Company E-mail/WIFI/Internet Use Policies

   You bear normal been paid as the Certainty Manager of a medium-sized Financial Services assemblage employing 250 mob in New Hampshire, and bear been asked to transcribe two new certainty policies for this assemblage. The chief one is an e-mail device for employees concentrating on personal use of assemblage instrument. The succor device is that of WIFI and Internet use among the assemblage. There are divers instrument helpful on the web so researching these topics and policies should be moderate. The most troublesome keep-akeep-apart of this practice allure be determining how stringent or how moderate you insufficiency to beget these policies for this keep-adetail assemblage. Project Plan You are asked to beget two disconnected policies on use of EMAIL and a WIFI/INTERNET USE among the assemblage. Be favoring in your provisions and provisions of use. Consider these items to be intervening in your policies (as ancilla). 1. Overview  2. Purpose  3. Scope 4. Policy  5. Device Compliance 6. Related Standards, Policies and Processes 7. Definitions and Terms