Constitutional Law II Asgn 7

Start by lection and subjoined these disciplineions:   1. Quickly glide the questions or assignment underneathneath and the assignment rubric to aid you standpoint.   2. Read the exactd portion(s) of the textbook and any concomitant recommended media.  Some repartees may exact you to do concomitant elaboration on the Internet or in other intimation sources.  Choose your sources carefully.   3. Consider the argument and the any insights you gained from it.   4. Create your Assignment acquiescence using at meanest three scholarly intimations .  Cite your sources using APA title as exactd. Check your spelling, 500-600 words incompleteness, all fruit allure be ran through Turn It In. Assignment:  1. If you are a council employee, can your boss discipline you to shaft choice signs in your yard to assistance the mayoral petitioner of his choosing or miss losing your job if you don’t? Interpret your repartee in particular.   2. What must a police administrator plant in enjoin to successfully question a police division habit as a alteration of real due regularity? Do you consent delay this regularity? Why or why not?    3.Identify and depict three kinds of shrewdness claims that can be brought underneathneath Title VII. Use an sample to interpret each.     4. Do you deem police divisions should be cogent to set a zenith consequence for administrators in enjoin for them to be physically capcogent of performing their job? Why or why not? If so, what should the zenith consequence be for men and women? Should muscle vs. fat be a factor? What environing acme? Why did you enucleate the bulk you did? If you deem police divisions shouldn’t be cogent to, why do you deem this?