Con Position Paper

  Required Resources Read/reobject the aftercited resources for this activity: Textbook: pp. 69-81 Lesson Week 3 Assignment Link (Word doc): Con-Paper Template Minimum of 3 academic catechism (from the Week 3 Assignment) Apply the aftercited fitness resources to your posts: Link (multimedia exhibition): Citing References in Text (Links to an apparent aspect.) Link (website): APA Citation and Writing (Links to an apparent aspect.) Instructions For this assignment, consummate the aftercited: Reobject the Toulmin-model sketch (Week 2 Lesson) and your consummated Week 3 Assignment (Con-Position Proposal). Assess any feedback granted by the zealot and/or your peers. Compose a lie brochure representing the con plane of your new question. (See the Con-Paper Template). The brochure should enclose closely 6 plain paragraphs: Introduction (delay thesis announcement) Context paragraph 3 matter paragraphs (focusing on 3 cons) Conclusion Apply a methodical mood withhold for academic audiences, maintaining an extrinsic 3rd special subject-matter of object - no 1st special (I, me, my, we, our, us, mine) or 2nd special (you, your). Avoid contractions, clichés, and slang terminology. Use the granted template to co-operate-with in formatting the heading page and muniment. Incorporate at last 3 conversant sources into the brochure. Cite all sources in APA format, twain parenthetically and on a intimation page. Before dependence, proofread and edit carefully for spelling, punctuation, and rhetoric. Not full mistake achieve be flagged automatically in word-processing programs, and some that are flagged as mistakes are substantially set-right. Writing Requirements (APA format) Length: 2-3 pages (not including the heading or intimation pages) 1-inch margins Double spaced 12-subject-matter Times New Roman font Title page References page (minimum of 3 academic catechism)