computers pro 3

  Consider the forthcoming quantitys, guile the algorithms that would explain them, and then appliance the algorithm in Java. You are unreserved to prefer among fitness pseudo-code or cunning flowcharts. Make confident to grasp screenshots of your present programs. You can conduct screenshots using PrintScreen of the comfort window in which you run the program. Put your algorithm and the screenshots concurrently in a Signal muniment. Problem 1: Write a program that prompts the user for a delineation in meters, and then converts it in to miles, feet, and inches.   Problem 2: Write a program that reads in an integer, and breaks it into a order of specific digits. Exhibit each digit on a disconnected length. For development, the input 16384 is exhibited as 1 6 3 8 4 You may claim that the input has no more than five digits and is not indirect. Problem 3: Write a program that asks the user to input: The sum of gallons of gas in the tank The fuel teachableness in miles per gallon The charge of gas per gallon Then stereotype the require per 100 miles and how far the car can go delay the gas in the car. Problem 4: Write a program that asks the user to penetrate the designate of his or her jewel city. use a String unsteady to stock the input. The program should exhibit the forthcoming: The sum of dispositions in the city designate the designate of the city in all uppercondition scholarship the designate of the city in all inferior condition scholarship the primitive disposition in the designate of the city Problem 5: Read a signal from the user and exhibit the string delay the scholarship shifted to the correct by two positions and delay the scholarship shifted to the left by two positions in the string. Hinder all of the three strings in disconnected unsteadys and exhibit all three of them at the end of the program. Submission: You are required to suggest the forthcoming finishs for this assignment by clicking the Suggest Assignment nothing aloft. Make confident all of the forthcoming required finishs bear been rooted anteriorly you suggest the assignment. You should beget one Java finish for each quantity and hinder them all in one folder. Compress the folder as a .zip finish and suggest it hither. Please designate your .zip finish as P3-Last Name-First For development,  A Signal muniment containing the algorithms and the screenshots of the present programs for all of the five quantitys. Please designate your Signal muniment as P3-Last Name-First Name.docx or .doc. For development, P3-Smith-John.docx. This needs to grasp everything  .5 Algorithms  . 5 Java Programs . 5 Screenshots