Competitive analysis of Banquet or restaurant menus and pricing optimization

Please learn all of the capacitys and samples on the rasp that I established.  highlight:  1. At meanest 18 pages (meet page and allusion do not number the capacity of the pages) 2. APA format; no copy 3. The designation and subject must be " Competitive partition of Banquet or restaurant menus and pricing optimization" 4.T he Internship Discovery tractate get own the subjoined structure:    1. Cover/Title Page (including the designation, the author’s designate, the designates of the University and the proclamation epoch);    2. General Subject and Discovery Investigation (two assertions identifying the subject and discovery investigation);    3. Abstract (Brief digest of the tractate – 250 impression or less);    4. Introduction & assertion of discovery amount (setting advice on the subject and designation of why this subject is expressive to investigation. Answering the “so what?” investigation);    5. Manuscript Body, which can be gentle down into the subjoined sections:  a. Scholarship Review (what is/has ordinaryly been written on this subject  b. Axioms Collection (what axioms has been unmoved, how was it unmoved)  c. Partition and Results (outside impression, what does the axioms unmoved parade? Writeup and embrace tables, charts and graphs)  d. Discussion, warning and conclusions (what conclusions and warnings can one establish given the axioms, ordinary scholarship findings; How would you reply the discovery investigation? How does this consider reply the “So what?” investigation?)  6. Allusion (furnish APA title refences of all citations);  7. Appendix (encouraged but optional)