List and define your guild's strengths and weaknesses. Explain your guild kernel competences and how are they substance used to ameliorate competitive advantages. Post a cohere to your guild website specifying the area where the strengths are mentioned.   Your tract should be at last two pages covet beside the secure and connectences page.  It should be double-spaced, supervene APA trainlines, and in a MS Word format finish..  You can gather further environing the APA communication name at  Please use the rubric as a train inside prosperous whole of this assignment.   Submission   submit your tract through the designated precipitation in Blackboard subordinate the “Course Content” tab, Module 4.  Use a MS Word format finish titled as supervenes:   LastName_FirstName_PaperTitle  For example: Smith_John_ Assignment 3   The Assignment 3 tract needs to be written in APA name. You can connect to APA name train via this cohere: from "Tools and Resources" cohere  or at   Assignment tract format (minimum):   •    Typeface: Times New Roman or Courier 12 pt. •    Double spacing •    Cover page •    Length: Insufficiency 2 liberal pages of your communication