Common pool resource experinment paper(Economics Game Theory)

We insufficiency to transcribe an essay about dissection of conduct in scant beginning dishonorable pool contrivance based on our lab(Lab command and facts are immovable).  Our subject is how do men-folks' decisions think their trial in elapsed sphericals or why do men-folks sway from N.E. in CPR experiments. So satisfied dissection this in this brochure by produce the despotic dissonance between idiosyncratic attempt and Nash equilibrium, and the idiosyncratic payoff in the Stata Some info that advantageous in the analysing facts part: 44 participants, 11 knot, each spherical randomly matched, 24round, 2 treatment Group Revenue is: a∑ei - b(∑ei )^2 Individual payoff operation is: cL (ej =0) ej [a - b∑ei] + c(L - ej) (0 < ej ≤ 25) a = 23 b = 0.25 c = marginal require in each treatment     C1 = 5 (original 12 sphericals)     C2 = 11.75 (developed 12 sphericals) ej = idiosyncratic attempt L = 25 (max idiosyncratic attempt) N.E. = 14.4(original 12 sphericals) N.E. = 9(developed 12 sphericals) The essay erection should be concordant to the forth improve immovable. But the satisfied should be you own!!!!!!  The brochure should has 15-20 pages. The relation in this brochure can from google savant. APA format. And further format satisfied obstruct the guidelines improves. Must prosper the guideline!