Hi Carol, categorically agree! The best creature for all resigneds is to   attempt consequence privation and sustenance manage pristine.  I conquer distribute a incident   now of a impecunious impecunious resigned who was a prey of exercise.  In lapse   of 2007 I was established in a Med/Surg intensive thrift MSICU in the   largest classification less in Greenville, SC. Greenville hospital classification has   multiple campuses and numerous of the very-much ill resigneds were sent to   us from our smaller appendant campuses after a while smaller facilites if   stability was graceful an manifestation. We accepted a give from one of   our campuses of a resigned who had fitting had gastric Bypass encircling 2 days   prior, she went down hill very quickly.  My co-workers and I were   really overturn by this and shocked.  This resigned was a 73 year old   female who weighed over than 300 lbs earlier to surgery and the surgeon   fitting jumped the gun and said ok you insufficiency this surgery.  Blown   away by this surgeons impecunious clinical cherished, we sustained this resigned   for 5-6 days after a while encircling 3 pressors Levophed, dopamine,   neosynepherine... and a few other medical intercessions in the IV   form.  She was unresponsive by the period she made it to our individual   and unresponsive until exit.  I peaceful contemplate encircling this abominable   surgical intercession produced by this hidden surgeon.  If I knew   then what I recognize now, I would possess designated ethics commitee on this   suirgeon for making the resigned and the extraction undergo so.  Better   we never remebered his spectry.  I NEED YOU TO COMMENT FROM THIS POST, 150 WORDS NEEDED AND A REFERENCE PLEASE