cis450 nursing informatics

  Assignment: Electronic Record-Keeping in Healthcare For this week’s assignment you earn be leading an register of the notification systems in your construction. To perfect the assignment, you government demand to contiguity other departments. Based on what you entertain read so far in this line, originate a 15-20 slide PowerPoint exhibition that addresses each of the aftercited objects/questions. Be strong to perfectly exculpation all the questions for each bullet object. Use conspicuous headings that acknowledge your confessor to perceive which bullet you are addressing on the slides in your exhibition. Food your full delay at smallest three (3) citations throughout your exhibition. Make strong to relation the citations using the APA agreement phraseology for the exhibition. Include a slide for your relations at the end. Follow best practices for PowerPoint exhibitions cognate to citation bulk, garbling, images, possessions, wordiness, and multimedia enhancements. Critique the rubric criteria for this assignment. Differentiate betwixt electronic sanity chronicles (EHR), electronic medical chronicles (EMR), and singular sanity chronicles (PHR) Differentiate betwixt clinical notification systems (CIS) and functional notification systems (AIS) What systems are runningly life utilized at your construction? If you had to admonish the notification-technology standing of your construction, what mandible would you imdistribute them? Identify two power and two weaknesses of the running notification-technology life used. Assignment Expectations: Length: 15-20 slides in extension, not including denomination, concrete, or relation slides. Speaker notes are required to clear-up the notification presented in the slides. Structure: Include a denomination slide, concrete slide, full slides, relation slide in APA format. Title/Objective/Reference slides do not sum towards the narrowness slide sum for this assignment. References: Use the withhold APA phraseology in-citation citations and relations for all instrument utilized to exculpation the questions. Include at smallest three (3) well-informed sources to food your claims. Rubric: This assignment uses a rubric for scoring. Please critique it as distribute of your assignment making-ready and anew foregoing to surrender to enstrong you entertain addressed its criteria at the foremost flatten. Format: Save your assignment as a Power Object instrument (.ppt or .pptx) or a PDF instrument (.pdf) File indicate: Indicate your saved smooth according to your chief judicious, ultimate indicate, and the module calculate (for pattern, “RHall Module1.pptx”)