CIS 413 (Database Management Systems) SQL Server

   Write DML to interrogation B&B Database to perceive tally for each of the questions. Once you enjoy the rectify tally in a SQL server interrogation, observation the SQL codes to a Word muniment and yield the Word muniment to Blackboard. Do not Nursing essay to transcribe the queries in Word extraneously reserved in SQL Server to see if the codes is-sue. Be trusting to understand your designate at the top of the Word muniment. 1. Of all the works that Bits & Bytes carries, what are the low-value items (selling value inferior than $10)? Put the results in descending enjoin by value. 2. A customer is looking for a digital camera and wants to understand the one that has the lowest value. Show the work name and selling value. 3. How many‘NETGEAR FS108 8-Port Fast Ethernet Switch’ were sold in the prevent pity of 2010? 4. What was the most widespread unyielding force sold in July of 2010? 5. How regularly does each of the sales rep adjunction their customers? 6. Which germinative customers are animated in buying HP Laser Jet 5000 Series Laser Printer? Note: Germinative customers’ causes are stored in the CustomerInterst board. The InterestLevel column in this board stores the plane of cause, ranging from 0 (not animated) to 4 (very animated). Joining this board after a while Stock board and PotentialCustomerboard to perceive which germinative customer is animated in which work. 7. How plenteous proceeds has each of the reps generated in 2010? 8. Which salesrep has generated the highest use in the leading pity of 2010? 9. List the customers who had purchased further than $90,000 of works. Show the designates and the whole amounts purchased.  10. Which sales reps enjoy brought in further than $1 favorite of use in the leading 6 months of 2010?