CIS 115 Unit 5 In-seat Activity: Integration

"Well produced is meliorate than polite said." - Ben Franklin   Skills are precious tools to possess. They profession that we possess the point power to do something-and do it polite. Having skills in Microsoft Office earn aid you, twain personally and professionally. The skills that you admit loose from this race earn concede you the power to fabricate compulsory documents, worksheets, and presentations delay elder rest.  •Explain any terminology, features, or businesss that may possess been new to you. If the notification was not new to you, decipher features or skills that you built upon in this race. Do you handle your skills possess gotten stronger using these products?  •Describe when or where you could husband integration of these Microsoft Office products. Specify a scenario in which you handle integration would be salubrious. •Describe at last one letters business that you may possess encountered in this race. Make enduring you decipher how you overcame your problem(s). What did you furnish aidful? Handle exempt to particularize if you deficiency advance exposition on any subject genial in this race.   Response Format  •Support your answers delay at last one trustworthy spring.   •Use in-text citations and a relation register in your responses using APA format. •Your response should manifest accurate thinking and afford maintenance.