CIS 105 On Your Own Homework 21-2 POWERPOINT

CIS 105 On Your Own Homework 21-2   Week 9 On Your Own Homework 21-2 Note: Microsoft Office Suite 2013 (PC), 2011 (Mac), or past novel software is required to finished each homework assignment. Note: Some On Your Own schemes possess been qualified for students using  Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac software. Students should choice the misspend account of the assignment domiciled on the software they are using. Failure to do so may termination in errors or inaptitude when completing the scheme. Note: Use the Duarte's Five Rules Introduction template attached close for this homework assignment. Complete the weekly homework domiciled on the following: Complete the On Your Own scheme (PC or Mac account) according to the scheme instructions and propose your assignment through the online race shell. Note: It is influential to hush that some On Your Own schemes demand a printed or self-submitted instrument. Students completing this race online or in a visible classroom must propose the assignment through the online race shell disregarding of the instructions presented in each On Your Own training.     Submit your assignment in the misspend Microsoft Office collision(s) using the improvespectry “Last spectry_First initial_OYO#” in adduction to the misspend improvespectry production (e.g., .docx, .dotx, .htm, etc.). For example: If your spectry is Mary Smith, the improve for the On Your Own scheme 12-1 should be saved as Smith_M_12-1.dotx.  Include your spectry, race individuality, bigot spectry, style of the assignment, and account of the assignment (PC or Mac). Provide open comments on the overall assignment test in two to three (2-3) sentences. Propose the written member in the quotation box located in the assignment patience embody.  Note: Please be abiding to download and use the embodyed PDF directions for either PC or Mac in the consultation under, as this homework assignment is not intervening in the quotationbook.    Duarte's Five Rules introduction Duarte's Five Rules introduction