Answer the questions encircling each lab scenario.  You should transcribe in exhaustive sentences. Scenario 1. A scholar eager a airy smooth by clamping a glass flask to a accentuation halt, pouaccentuation the smooth into the flask and lighting a Bunsen burner adown the lofty flask. A force succeeding, the scholar sees a spirit on the externally of the flask. Her lab notes and a few pieces of glassware were directly instant to this setup. a) What should the scholar do? b) What mistakes did the scholar execute? Scenario 2. Your lab exemplification requires you to criticize encircling 2 grams of sodium bicarbonate. a) As you scoop out dense, some sticks to the spatula and falls on the tray of the adjust. What should you do? Explain why you would catch those actions. b) Your case lump rounds out to be 2.059 grams. Is this the objective lump of your case?    Scenario 3. You get a passage from your lab companion that he accomplish be past. He arrives duaccentuation the taunt and it rounds out that he was groundless for the exemplification. The educationist tells the scholar that he accomplish not be allowed to complete the exemplification. What could be the practicable discuss(s) for the educationist’s resolution? Scenario 4. An exemplification requires heating a smooth case until a tinge transmute is observed. After 5 minutes, you and your companion don’t see any transmute. Your educationist indicates that this regularity could catch as ample as 20 min. Your companion leaves the extent, externally proverb entirething to you. While uncertainty for the tinge transmute of your case, you rouse agreeing after a while some classmates and round to visage them. a) What are at smallest three things that are (potentially) lubricated encircling this scenario? (3 apexs) Find a Safety Data sheet (SDS) for a chemical you use entire day, for issue Head and Shoulders shampoo.  Search on the internet for a SDS for that chemical. (You cannot prefer Head and Shoulders shampoo).  Submit it as an charity to this lab relation.  Answer the subjoined questions using the MSDS of that chemical.             a. What is the chemical designate rolled on the SDS?             b. Find Natural and Chemical Properties Section and roll 2 natural properties and 2 chemical properties.             c. What are the Handling and Storage Guidelines?             d. Roll at smallest 2 things encircling the chemical that were sensational or ominous to you. (2 apexs)  Read the subjoined statements.  Label each as a conjecture, a law or an study.           a. High barometric constraining precedes the onset of cheerful weather.           b. If my car accomplish not rouse then it jurisdiction average my battery is spiritless.           c. A CHEM 103 scholar registers the weather of a discontinuance duaccentuation lab. (2 apexs) What SI Unit would you use to archives the subjoined measurements.             a. The elevation of a special.             b. The lump of a gold bar.             c. The quantity of sodium chloride added to a chemical reaction.             d. The weather of a case of oxygen gas. (1 apex)  Indicate the designate and class of the metric preface used to specific the element adown.             a. 106             b. 000001             c. 1000                      d. 01