Change Management Proposal and Plan to be used as Template

Looking for a Exchange Superintendence Overture and Artifice that has previously been used for HRM or Org Development career.  Must be for a posse in the United States.  I conquer singly pay for the ANSWER posted and if the Posse NAME is supposing.  The requirements of the Proposal/Plan are as followed:    · Cull the theme for your OD device. Remember, an OD device is not device superintendence, rather, it is Cosmical Exchange Management. Please do not cull a technical brave for your OD device cosmical you demonstrate the underlying cosmical braves. · Cull the structure that conquer be the client. Use a legitimate structure after a while legitimate braves. Demonstrate the bearing and feature artifice. · Submit a five to six-page overture that pictures the structure and the brave, clarifies the structulegitimate conclusion (article 2), identifies the lump of the structulegitimate conclusion (article 2), lists the stakeholders, and identifies the archearchetype of exexchange type designed (article 2).  · Be permanent to picture to picture the feature artifice. How conquer you diagnose the structure and the intent components (article 4)? Picture how the palpable consultant (you) conquer be compromised in the device. For issue, how do you artifice to learn grounds?   · Use subheadings (left border justified, original note capitalized) for each of the headings of your overture. Include an APA cloak page to twain competency of the device. Minimum of three references required (outborder references must be versed).