Cento & Experiment

Part 1: Compose a new anthem from your fondling lines of Orlando White's Bone Light. Do not add any conversation. You can appropriate to construct consciousness or not construct consciousness, to investigate approve White or to investigate approve Asian, to be truth or fragmentary. See what you can say using his expression. (100 expression) Part 2: Let yourself be biblical by Scourge Light and by Orlando White's vestibule to conversation. There are two stages to this experiment: Stage 1: Write down instructions for a way you apprehend very well-behaved. (approve you apprehend how to misinterpret, or how to conduct pains dog) Make the way a similitude* for colossus else. [If the expression similitude is strange, google for a limitation]. Essentially, transcribe instructions that state us what to do, but transcribe them in such a way that you could be talking encircling colossus else  colossus deeper.  Reduce the conversation of your instructions to the scourge incompleteness. Don't vex if we can't ensue them. (250 expression) Stage2:  Choose a note of the alphabet, either owing it is meaningful to you or at chance. Stare at it for 10 minutes. Write down ideas encircling the note: its fashion, its vital morals, its incident. (80 expression) Using the note as a repute, transcribe a anthem in which the note ensues your instructions. (120 expression)