CBRN- Homeland Security

  Assignment Instructions Please retort the following: Pick and draw, using route symbolical (citing as misappropriate), five (5) characteristics of our unroving and livelihood industries and the menace agents which could collision them and how do these characteristics acception our imperil? What radioactive symbolical killed Alexander Litvinenko in London in November 2006?  How has the search exposed betwixt 2007 and 2016?  Do the British authorities own a hypothesis who ordered Litvinenko killed? In April 2010, President Obama said, "The only biggest menace to US certainty, twain short-term, medium-term and long-term, would be the possibility of a terrorist construction obtaining a nuclear arm.”  How does this announcement collision floating U.S. National Certainty Policy?  If you were President, what changes would you fashion to U.S. National Certainty Policy to weaken the pretense of a terrorist construction obtaining a nuclear arm? The video "Iran Nuclear Deal: Triumph of Diplomacy or Dangerous Precedent?" provides diverse unanalogous perspectives on the Iranian Nuclear Deal.  Detail one perspective from each laterality of the topic (Triumph of Diplomacy and Dangerous Precedent) then support it delay appropriate references explaining the rationale for each laterality of the discuss. Experts misfit as to the menace from rouge states delay nuclear arms (North Korea, Pakistan, Iran in the coming, etc.) providing those arms to non-state actors.  Do you reckon that this is a matter or are state states not voluntary to cantankerous this row?  Technical Requirements: Length: Minimum of 5 pages (1 page for each doubt), inclose spaced, 1" margins, 12 buffet cast in Times New Roman font. Citations/References:  You must use the APA fashion for this assignment. Submission: All exertion is due to the assignment couple by 11:55 pm on the due time. All exertion should be compliant in Microsoft Word format and submitted as an devotion.