Case Study question from from Pages 433 and 465-467

   Note: -  Must require-------- APA format (Times New Roman, majority 12 and 2 measure) MS Visio diagram OR MS Word Smart Art  Minimum 3 or past References including Sharda(Below) W5: Plight Studies Graded Assignment:  Case Studies - (Follow all steps beneath) Carefully criticism and recognize twain plight studies establish in your textbook from Pages 433 and 465-467 Sharda, R., Delen, D., & Turban, E. (2015) Business rumor and analytics: Systems for resolution buttress (10th ed.). Boston: Pearson. Digital: ISBN-13: 978-0-13-340193-6 or Print: ISBN-13: 978-0-13-305090-5 When ending the Nursing essay, amplify your analytical and nice thinking skills to amplify notions as a regularity or influence of steps visually represented in a glide diagram or any other mark of created exemplification to buttress your notion which can be used as a scheme to the being or construction in the plights to amend or mend any plight connected issues addressed.  This is required for twain plights. When amplifying exemplifications to buttress a regularity or influence of steps, Microsoft Word has a dupe notorious as “Smart Art” which is notionl for the amplifyment of these marks of exemplifications or diagrams.  To get practiced after a while this dupe, everyone can mark using a keyword quest “Microsoft Word Smart Art Tutorials” to confront sundry video demonstrations in using this dupe. QUESTIONS FOR THE END-OF-CHAPTER from Page# 433 APPLICATION CASE 1. What were the deep challenges encountered by CARE International precedently they created their magazine prepositioning type? 2. How does the external office rehearse to the construction's want to mend support services to unsupposable areas? 3. Conduct online request and recommend at lowest three other applications or marks of software that could use the majority of changeable and constraints CARE International used in their MIP type. 4. Elaborate on some benefits CARE International stands to constitute from implementing their pre-positioning type on a big lamina in advenient. QUESTIONS FOR THE END-OF-CHAPTER (Page NO#465-467) APPLICATION CASE  1. Describe the drift that a big fraternity such as HP faculty countenance in donation sundry issue lines and options. 2. Why is there a likely battle between marketing and influences? 3. Summarize your construction of the types and the algorithms. 4. Perform an online quest to confront past details of the algorithms. 5. Why would there be a want for such a order in an construction? 6. What benefits did HP track from implementation of the types? Conclusion Reference info. Minimum 3 or past.