case study network communication

  Case Description The construction you is-sue for has leased a edifice next door to the true edifice. The persomal area networks in the new edifice and the true edifice must be integrateed to each other. The interval is 657 feet. Here is the similarity of the two edifices. Notice that the cerulean dashed thread showing the way of the integrate crosses a parking lot not beneath your govern. It so crosses a notorious street. Both edifices are two stories high. From the succor foot or the roof of each edifice there is a unobstructed thread of spectacle over the expected acme of any vegetation currently in the area. You possess been assigned the labor of determining the advantageous wireless orders that could be used to join the edifices to each other and presenting these libertys to the ruler team. The ruler team consists of the CEO, the CFO, and the managers of the five transaction units. They accomplish scarcity to recognize the aftercited about each liberty in conditions that nontechnical staff can readily beneathstand: The way the order transmits basis tail and forth The advantages of the order The disadvantages of the order The costs of the order Whether the costs are classified as opex or capex Whether any permits are required from the governling jurisdiction Whether there are any legitimate requirements that must be engage antecedently deploying it The inbred guarantee of the order Whether you approve this order and why or why not Your assignment it to lay a terse bestowal that provides the ruler team delay all of the notification they scarcity to prime the best order. The intention of this use is to yield you test in communicating technical issues to a nontechnical conference, researching libertys to unfold a niggardly netis-sue example, and giving an organized, summary, and alluring bestowal. Case Grading The bestowal is estimate 140 points. The PowerPoint bestowal is due in Week 5. The PowerPoint bestowal should be at meanest 10 slides and must exculpation satisfactorily all 9 questions listed over. Utilize the notes in the the Power Point to expain the details to your confessor.