Case Study

   Kay Carnes has begun consulting for a dialysis dexterity that began using an electronic bloom chronicles method approximately six months ago. On her primary board investigate, she examined twain the electronic and article fractions of the reauthorized chronicles. She plant that infallible fractions of the chronicles, which were not interjacent in the electronic bloom chronicles, were maintained in thickset three-ring binders. These binders were labeled on the spine delay the resigned’s spectry and the resigned’s matter register (e.g., John Doe, M-W-F, or Mary Smith, T-T-S).  The article-based fraction of the chronicles interjacent authorized agree forms, toll forms, without lab tidingss, narrative and tangible scrutiny tidingss from the resigned’s physician or ultimate hospital investigate, identification facts, CMS facts collation forms, and reauthorized plans of foresight.. The electronic fraction of the chronicles interjacent facts from each dialysis matter and advance notes from the encourages, the dietitian, and the collective worker.  On some of the older chronicless in which all of the advance notes were handwritten, Kay noticed that the physicians had chroniclesed monthly advance notes, but, there were no advance notes from the physicians in the electronic fraction of the chronicles that finished the elapsed six months. Kay asked the item controller, a registered encourage, environing this. The controller replied that all of the other disciplines were entering their own advance notes into the electronic bloom chronicles during or behind each reauthorized continuity. The physicians were conversant to handwriting their advance notes and, accordingly, did not use the computer. The physicians had continued to see each reauthorized monthly, but the chart had petty documentation to designate this behind the electronic chronicles had been implemented. 1. What issues should Kay oration in her board tidings to this dexterity? 10 Points 2. What recommendations would you perform if you were in her settle? 10 Points