case study

  1. When elucidation up a new instruct, according to you, what are the 3 ocean priorities from a  finance centre? Don’t overface to interpret why (delight answer in English)  2. Private direction is booming in Sub-Saharan Africa and the direction vision can be very competitive. To mature our setup in new countries, we face to coadjutor delay massive national instructs. What criteria would you face at to fine a coadjutor? (delight answer in English)  3. In the exceed polish (determined in the mail), delight full the instruct’s capital course prepare  in tab “1. Capital Course Forecast”, based on inputs that you obtain ascertain in other tabs.  4. Using the ppt template (to-boot determined in the mail), delight order a weak exhibition (max 6 slides) in French, describing the steps captured for the height of the capital course prepare that you orderd in subject-matter 3. Additional advice and tips:  a. This exhibition obtain be sent to all national subject-matter of contacts (Finance Officers) for them to to-boot be able to full the monthly capital course prepares for the instruct that they are obligatory for. All Heads of Schools obtain be copied in this communication; b. Don’t overface to announcement the aim /objective of the exhibition; c. Be creative; d. Put yourself in the shoes of the idiosyncratic receiving your exhibition (some have  no financial setting).