Case study

  I insufficiency 2 for 2 opposed students, you feel the prime to do one of them twice or chose to do twain, it's up to you. Please pay circumspection to Circumstance examine Grading criteria. Read and retort the topics I insufficiency 500 expression and thither is circumstance examine template PLEASE USE IT. Answer singly the assigned topic(s) A well-mannered-mannered open retort is required Thoughtful and thoroughgoinggoing retorts are expected. Avoid rehashing circumstance facts Make reasonable assumptions Don’t disorganize symptoms delay problems Make operative use of financial and other regulative open in the circumstance. Make amiable use of exemplification open in the circumstance Please music the forthcoming items that are main to me as you equip your present Nursing Dissertations. Put a page burst in antecedently starting your relation page Use the appellation ‘References’ – I do not absence a bibliography – that is star opposed.  Everything listed in the relation page MUST be relationd / cited delayin your Nursing Dissertation OR it cannot answer there. Most of your adaptation insufficiencys to be in your own expressions – use limited quotes or quotations – do not comprise prolix quotations.  Thither is an 85/15 government that is 85% of the Nursing Dissertation must be your own expressions (evaluations, anatomy, and recommendations) installed on your discovery. Indent the succor & after lengths of your relations on your relation page five spaces Each paragraph delayin your Nursing Dissertation should feel the original passage of that paragraph after a whiledrawn five spaces for clearer reading Use matter headers – in this circumstance, Topic # 1, Topic # 2, etc. are adequate.  Do not transcribe out the topics fascinate.  Remember, APA does not allot original special (‘I judge, I think’, etc. is not in yielding delay APA adaptation). Never manually symbol in page quantity – the header exercise delayin Microsoft Expression should be used to comprise your page quantity For your quotation of your textbook, regularly comprise the page sum relation current this (Keegan & Green, 2011, p. xx). If you prime the Mayo Clinic circumstance - do not surrender in a Memo Format - give-up your responses using the circumstance template in APA format.  Use authored relations for security – minus 5 points each if you do not use authored rises – nevertheless, you may use your textbook as one of the rises and the other rise should be from a equal-reviewed register.  An optional extend for you to feel your Nursing Dissertations pre-reviewed is suited to you if you email your pedagogue delay a beseech – matter length should be ‘PRE-REVIEW REQUEST’ and you must ask for the pre-review by WEDNESDAY MIDNIGHT of the week that your Nursing Dissertation is due. CASE STUDY GRADING CRITERIA POINTS POSSIBLE POINTS EARNED Substance of Nursing Dissertation - Minimum 500-say – strong MARKETING   content. Template must be used & surrenderted   in MICROSOFT WORD muniment.  Minus 5 points if template is not   used. Matter headers required   – Introduction, Topic # 1, etc. & Conclusion – minus 5 points if not   used for construction. Adaptation caliber   includes spelling, phraseology, etc. (SEE announcement in classroom –   non-adherence to those items obtain be deducted hither). Do not transcribe out topics – minus 3 points   if you do. No Abstract is desired. 35 Two AUTHORED Outside Relation cited in APA format and   credited delayin your relation page at the end of your Nursing Dissertation. One   rise MUST be a equal reviewed Marketing relation – specifically from the   Journal of Marketing (if you deflect from this equal-reviewed rise, shape   pre-encomium 48-hours antecedently the Nursing Dissertation is due by sending the objective name   to your pedagogue to shape encomium). Citations must be correctly effected delayin   Nursing Dissertation in APA FORMAT. Regularly produce the fit web condition address for this direction in   your recap of relations for generous security. If relation   page and quotations do not competition 100% - minus 10 points. Verify BEFORE you   surrender your Nursing Dissertation.  10 APA formatted Nursing Dissertation delay clothe page and relation page, Times   New Roman 12 font, 1" margins, double-spacing, etc. 5 Total Points Earned 50