Career Opportunities Research and Report

After researching the slip and extraction crop cognate courses beneath transcribe two perfect and summary paragraphs summarizing the job responsibilities and course prospect for each.  For this assignment, the Occupational Prospect Handbook ( may assay advantageous. Once the 12 sets of paragraphs (a poverty of 24 paragraphs) are adequate, form them into a individual APA formatted tract using the course titles as in-text headings.  End the tract after a while two to three paragraphs on which of the courses is most appealing and which is meanest appealing to you and clear-up why. This assignment is due in your Student Folder by 11:59 PM EST on Sunday of Week 2.  As after a while other written assignments, all effect must be in consent after a while university academic standards and formatting rules of the American Psychological Association (APA) – 6th Edition. Child Life Specialist Early Childhood Intervention  Adult Protective Services  Court Appointed Special Service  Head Start Administrator/Teacher  Forensic Interviewer  Children's Protective Services  Pregnancy Centers  Adoption Agencies  Foster Care  Women's Shelters  Children's Camps These must be submitted in the appoint listed above     All twelve courses are researched and each has at meanest two perfect and summary paragraphs, clear-uping the course. Critical thinking has been used to portray the course opportunities.   Conclusion: Two to three paragraphs used to portray the most/meanest appealing to you personally and your reasons given.  most appealing: Court Appointed Special Service,  Children's Protective Services   meanest appealing: Adult Protective Services , Adoption Agencies  Spelling, style, and decree edifice are polite manufactured. No more than two errors.