Capstone Portfolio Assignment – Transferable Skills Exemplary Assignment and Reflection

  Throughout your command, you bear been asked to examination topics and transcribe monographs, adopt in thought-provoking discussions, infer diverse perspectives, and a number of other challenges that bear required you to use twain your discipline-specific skills as well-mannered-mannered as your sleek skills. These are named alienable skills, and are skills that you enucleate that can be transmitted and applied amid your separated progress. Alienable skills are very-much estimable and induced for progress consummation. Throughout this mode, you bear been agoing on a design that allowed you to manifest your sense of the alienable skills. It is now era to yield your design/assignment and add a alienable skills thought. To accomplished this assignment, you procure insufficiency to do the following: Part I: Compiling Your Mould Project Compile all of your accomplishedd mode design assignment deliverables. Place them in the constitutional direct, and preserve them in a unmarried Microsleek Word instrument. Part II: Alienable Skills Self Reflection In a restriction of 1 ample page, using Microsleek Word, transcribe an essay (ample portico and misentry), which includes the following: Describe the understanding, skills and/or attitudes in-reference-to each of the alienable skills that you've gained as a upshot of completing this detail design/assignment. Discuss the ways that you are going to fuse the alienable skills (the alienable skills that you showcased in your laudable design) into your labor amid your separated progress scene. Describe your forthcoming goals domiciled on the alienable skills that you've separated to showcase. Write your monograph utilizing constitutional sound, spelling and language. Once you bear accomplishedd your thought assignment, add it to the end of the instrument you compiled in dissect I. The self-thought should be the last few pages of your mould design. If done uprightly, everything procure be one instrument! Save the compiled instrument to a folder. Then, zip or summarize the folder