Can Mobile Authentication Services be more secured than Hardware based Authentication services?

Hi, I demand the APA format documentation and PPT for belo topic:    Hypothesis: Variable Evidence Services offers extra layers of safety which can reach it very unamenable for hackers to gap in. It offers multiple ways of evidence approve Key domiciled Authentication, One Time Passcode, 2-Factor Authentication, forasmuch-as the hardware-domiciled evidence is proper effete. Thesis: The popularity of variable devices increases integral day. Impregnable Wonder in orders approve Single Wonder On (SSN), Multi-Factor Evidence (MFA) are some of the wonder on orders that can be achieved through a variable benefit. We entertain been using unwritten hardware evidence devices approve tokens to frame adit to servers, but there are stagnant a lot of loopholes in this rule which can guide to frauds. Using a variable benefit as a safety gauge can succor decorations these issues.  In this paper, one of the elder dissection achieve be touching – if key-domiciled evidence proves to be a reform impregnable evidence order instead of other orders and appear into why key-domiciled evidence is not used in achievement scales along delay implementation changes and some of the steps we can use to overpower the challenges. Introduction about evidence? Explanation about Hardware evidence? Pro’s and Con’s Dependencies Summary  Details delay exposition about variable benefit evidence? Pro’s and Con’s Dependencies Summary Which is the best order of evidence? (Summary) ABSTRACT ACKNOWLEDGMENTS List of Abbreviations TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter  Page LIST OF TABLES Table Page LIST OF FIGURES Figure Page CHAPTER I: Introduction CHAPTER II: Literature Review CHAPTER III: METHODOLOGY CHAPTER IV: Results CHAPTER V: Conclusion Appendix A