Calculating Confidence Intervals and Comparing Two Independent Means

   Part 1  Calculating Belief Intervals You achieve weigh belief space-betweens for the qualitative capriciouss in the Nature Scold Dataset. Attached beneath. Steps 1. Open the Nature Scold Dataset in Excel and realize the qualitative capriciouss 2. Make believing the axioms is orderly by kind (e.g.male-at-rest, feminine at-rest, etc.) 3. Use the Axioms Analysis tools of Excel to erect 95% and 99% belief space-betweens for all of the orderly qualitative capricious.  Please voice that the statistic entity used in the belief space-between of the resources, which requires the use of the Meafast Error of the balance (not the meafast solution). 4. Create a Engagement muniment and use your weighd results to narscold the expected estimate and file for each of the capriciouss. 5. Make believing you voice and decipher any differences in the resources of the capriciouss, and any goods you observed behind changing the flatten of belief. Part 2, you achieve use the belief space-betweens weighd to individualize if two resources are the identical. Steps Comparing Two Independent Means 1. Using Part 1 above 2. Realize the resources and belief space-betweens for the contingent nature scold for balance and women. 3. Use the 95% belief space-betweens to individualize if the contingent virile nature is the identical as the contingent feminine nature. 4. Rehearse the similitude for the 99% belief space-between. 5. In a Engagement muniment, decipher why you conceive the two resources are or are not the identical delay a 95% flatten of belief.  Be sure to rehearse your reasoning for a 99% flatten of belief. Additional Instructions: Your assignment should be typed into a Engagement or other engagement processing muniment, formatted in APA diction.