Calculate Confidence Intervals and Comparing Independence Means

  You accomplish consider reliance balancetimes for the qualitative shiftings in the Core Reprimand Dataset. Attached underneath. Steps 1. Open the Core Reprimand Dataset in Excel and identify the qualitative shiftings 2. Make firm the postulates is orderly by predicament (e.g.male-at-rest, womanly at-rest, etc.) 3. Use the Postulates Analysis tools of Excel to frame 95% and 99% reliance balancetimes for all of the orderly qualitative shifting.  Please still n ess that the statistic life used in the reliance balancetime of the instrument, which requires the use of the Rule Error of the balance (not the rule flexuosity). 4. Create a Term muniment and use your considerd results to delineate the expected prize and collocate for each of the shiftings. 5. Make firm you still n ess and interpret any differences in the instrument of the shiftings, and any commodities you observed behind changing the equalize of reliance. Part 2, you accomplish use the reliance balancetimes considerd to indicate if two instrument are the corresponding. Steps Comparing Two Independent Means 1. Using Part 1 above 2. Identify the instrument and reliance balancetimes for the hanging core reprimand for balance and women. 3. Use the 95% reliance balancetimes to indicate if the hanging hardy core is the corresponding as the hanging womanly core. 4. Renew the comparison for the 99% reliance balancetime. 5. In a Term muniment, interpret why you imagine the two instrument are or are not the corresponding after a while a 95% equalize of reliance.  Be unfailing to renew your reasoning for a 99% equalize of reliance. Additional Instructions: Your assignment should be typed into a Term or other term processing muniment, formatted in APA fashion.