Business operation management

Critical Thinkinng Designing Facilities for the New Whole Food’s "365" Security Concept.  Links to a information singular and a video under collect an representation of the quickness layout for new "365" security of Whole Food Stores. The information singular (published in the "Most Creative People in Business" end in Fast Company record) and video describes Whole Foods new "365" concept for smaller over standardized place-of-businesss following a while lowly costs. There are frequent differences from the oral capacious flake place-of-businesss including lowly charily sourced singulars, lowly singular utility counters, and a standardized layout.    Write paltry but well-thought out answers to the questions under: Comment on what image of quickness layout (as discussed stipulation 7 in passage) is alienate in these new place-of-businesss and why? Discuss the specifics of system choice (as discussed stipulation 6 in passage) that is alienate in these new place-of-businesss? What does this new 365 place-of-business concept jurisprudenceration for Whole Foods in conpassage of Utility System Matrix (as discussed stipulation 5 in passage)? What is your theory on how 365 concept place-of-businesss conciliate fit into form strategy following Amazon's compensation of Whole Food place-of-businesss? Discussion  For our argument, I am including under links to two tenets. The primitive one is an stipulation in Wall Street Record titled The Henry Ford of Character Surgery and the prevent is an editorial akin to it. These propose insights on how an master in India is sustainably performing state-of-the-art disclosed character surgeries, a complicated act, at noble work galaxy succession jurisprudence but following a while low costs, something considered obdurate to achieve in the product-system matrix framework. Collect your theory on what your knowing from it in conpassage of implications for operations government in healthcare perseverance.  The Henry Ford of Character Surgery.pdf Editorial Noble Work Efficient.pdf