Business Law

Background:  Contracts are qualitative for interest, and conciliate be an sound separate of GC operations, so the owners now scantiness to standpoint on agree law.   Each of the owners has trial after a while agrees in their own interestes, and regard the presumable risks and liabilities associated after a while agrees.  The GC owners comprehend that there are distinct types of agree agreements apt to their interest.  For specimen, GC conciliate enjoy particular agrees after a while employees, stubborn agreeors, and other agents who conciliate enact the community.  Also, GC conciliate pledge in sales agrees after a while other interestes, and sales agrees among interestes and consumers and clients.  Furthermore, GC conciliate use electronic agrees, or e-contracts, in conducting online interest transactions. To attenuate risks and liabilities associated after a while agrees, the owners scantiness all agrees to be written, after a while restricted, consummate, and transparent provisions.  Contracts must settle rights and responsibilities of the separateies.  Also, since employees and/or stubborn agreeors conciliate be performing cleaning services on clients’ properties, these agrees should deliberate bonding. You, Winnie and Ralph presented exhaust agrees for distinct GC employees, including agrees for cleaners, employment managers, marketing specialists, sales enactatives, and IT employees.  The GC owners reviewed the exhausts and enjoy some questions encircling the agrees. Instructions:  At Winnie’s and Ralph’s ask, it is your responsibility to elaboration and agree answers to the GC owners’ questions. The primeval questions tell to the GC cleaner-employee agree. The cleaner-employee agree specifies the subjoined provisions and conditions: duties to be executed by cleaner-employee salary for cleaner-employee effort hours provisions of reimbursement for overtime or self-abandonment effort, if any sick leave vacation grafting for cleaner-employee length of agree bonding for cleaner-employee  periodic deed evaluation and how it conciliate be conducted finality of agree, i.e., note of finality, etc.  Research, evaluate, and answer to the owners’ questions encircling the agree provisions beneath.    A.  duties to be executed by cleaner-employees 1.  What potential risks and liabilities could start if the restricted duties of cleaner-employees were not interposed in their agree after a while GC?  Explain. B.  grafting for cleaner-employees   1.  What potential risks and liabilities could start telld to this agree vocable that designates restricted and required grafting for GC cleaner-employees? 2.  Would the risks and liabilities be main or short if GC did not course its cleaner-employees and paid barely triald cleaner-employees?  Why? C.  bonding for cleaner-employees  1.  What potential risks and liabilities could start for GC if cleaner-employees were not required, restrictedally in their agrees, to be bonded?  Explain. Format Instructions:  Prepare responses to GC questions in a narration, harangueed to Winnie and Ralph, to be used in argument after a while the Green Clean owners. The narration should harangue the questions in the Instructions overhead.  Follow the format beneath. REPORT TO:              Winnie James, Ralph Anders FROM:         (your designate) DATE: RE:              Green Clean Negligence Risks and Liabilities A. 1. B. 1. 2. C. 1. _____________________________ Write in amend, consummate sentences in section format. Label all separates of assignment.