DUE BY MIDNIGHT TODAY, FRIDAY NOV 16 p1: Minimum 300 words Market segmentation is an relevant concept in pertinency to an organization's ability to dispose-of its products and services. Visit the web posts of three greater consumer oriented corporations, (see underneath), and narrate features or pleased of the post which denote how they keep segmented their trade in conditions of demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioristic characteristics. Typical companies to use for this assignment: Nike, Inc.. ( Apple, Inc.. ( Abercrombie and Fitch Inc.. ( Microsoft Inc.. ( Unilever Inc.. ( J. P. Morgan Drive Inc.. ( pt2: fount cited Retailing has changed substantially balance the gone-by ten years. Reducing period to trade and developing a multi-channel similarity keep befit keys to prosperous introduction of products to consumer trades. Using Internet elaboration, examine how coeval retailers use this multi-channel similarity in their operations.