Body Paragraphs

 See attached The view of the Week 3 Substance Paragraphs assignment is to invent three substance chapters for the Final Essay, due in Week 5. Review preceptor feedback from your former week's assignment, paying peculiar watchfulness to the feedback respecting your subject declaration and question passages. Review this week's tutorials on punctuation and rhetoric in the Rhetoric Tutorials and Quizzes Learning Activity to back you after a while the performance of peculiar punctuation and rhetoric in your substance chapters.  Review the Body Paragraphs Sample Assignment to yield you an conception of the expectations for this assignment. Complete the Substance Paragraphs assignment, using the Substance Paragraphs Template. .This assignment should be at meanest 350 language. .Fill out the name page of the template. .Write your subject declaration at the top of the second page in the template. Remember that the subject declaration presents the main conceptions that earn be discussed in the substance chapters. .Write at meanest one chapter for each of the three sustaining points of your subject declaration.  *Each chapter should inaugurate after a while a question passage, grasp another 5 to 8 sustaining passages after a while details, and end after a while a lowe?-t passage that leads the reader to the instant main conception and chapter. *Double measure the substance chapters and use Times New Roman 12-point font. .Add your two erudite word sources to the allusion page at the end of the tract. You may use the Reference and Citation Generator to aid you invent the allusion page for this assignment. You may so confer the counsel you entered in your Organizing Ideas Worksheet from Week 2.  You do not need to grasp the preamble and quittance chapters this week, as you earn be agoing on those instant week. Upload your completed Substance Paragraphs Template to WritePoint® powered by Grammarly®, and critique and adduce the recommended revisions.