Blockchain in finance & banking

Your assignment is to offer a matter use occurrence where Blockchain Technology can harangue a weighty summon among the diligence  Automotive Healthcare Payers Pharmaceuticals Supply Chains / Manufacturing Each particular get be required to compose a POWERPOINT PRESENTATION (not a TERM PAPER). In the POWERPOINT PRESENTATION, you are to indoctrinate the ruler commencement in your assembly (fancy CEO, CTO, CIO, CFO) why the use of Blockchain Technology get pure-up your matter example. The offeration must apprehend the following: A overview of the diligence listed Key diligence players in the diligence What are three to five greater matter examples in the diligence today? Select ONE of these examples that can be pure-upd using blockchain technology? (This is the overview to the use occurrence) What are five ways the example can be pure-upd using blockchain technology? (This is the details to the use occurrence)Who get the blockchain alteration application in the form? You must eluciduration - the what, how, why for each.  What is the require associated delay alteration? What do you forecast the end to be should the form instrument the blockchain technology alteration? Are there any technical summons/roadblocks that the form should be informed of that may frustrate a prosperous instrumentation? Provide a pure and convincing bankruptcy to why this separation is the best way progressive for the form.  How the assignment get be triced: The offeration should be a MINIMUM of 20 slides (including Cover and References). The deck should NOT EXCEED 25 pages.  You should establish the offeration for an ruler assembly. That instrument, Times New Roman or Arial Font Face, Size 14-18 for quotation. Size 20-24 for headers. (20% of your trice is offerational contemplation) Graphics are inherent. A incompleteness of 8-10 graphics should be apprehendd that are meaningful. Custom graphics/tables are preferred! If you put figures or tables in your slides, you enjoy to establish your own tables and figures. Please don't observation and paste it from the intimation. Your primeval page should apprehend your indicate, duration, epithet, and manner indicate. Clearly, brief calligraphic offerations are inherent. Grammar/Spelling enumerate for 10% of your trice.  Each slides should apprehend a incompleteness of one intimation. (You need to intimation your origin representative for each slide in APA format. This get be 20% of your overall trice).  The satisfied get enumerate towards 50% of your trice.