Biology Assignment

Hello. I deficiency your aid to transcribe 3 pages assignment in 5 days fascinate. I`ll column the order. Even if it says to transcribe Max of 5 pages, 3p. earn be sufficient.( fascinate see pamphlet) This essay environing the illness which I deficiency to adopt and offer. I picked Lyme illness. Introduction environing Lyme illness, where it was institute, and what's the suit of this illness Statistical notification environing extension in the U.S (parallel to incongruous states. For instance: NY, NJ,PA,CT, etc) Common signs and symtopms of this illness treatment/diagnostic measures/golden standart is bigwig love : Blood trial, etc (see pamphlet) If there is any reinstate for this illness or any (if they halt)  future learning. Written assignment- 12pt ( Times New Roman) 1.5 illimitableness, standart note extent, do NOT delineation paste!!! Rephrase in your own opinion, involve a bibliography from 2013- offer years.(APA/MLA format) We do not insufficiency to use very old notification. Fascinate no photos/diagrams. It is not essential. No rend page/abstract/separate preface. Plagiarims must not occur!      Please, transcribe so that I can shape a offeration of this illness, and do not interpenetrate  with tangled opinion too greatly. Thank you!