Mitosis/Meiosis   Explain what happens during interphase (G1, S, G2) ? Identify several marks of cellular disruption (if it is mitosis vs meiosis I vs meiosis II and which mark PMAT). What are the dissent among mitosis and meiosis (differences in PMAT marks) substantiate if a cell is haploid vs diploid. Identify if chromosomes are replicated and non-replicated Arboretum  Be potent to substantiate the source of plants (whether they after from an Arid/Tropical/Temperate environment) Explain how you were potent to substantiate the source (afford examples of disconnectionary agreement the plants had to perform to endure and grow in those biased environments). Aquarium  Explain how taint possessions our strand ecosystem. ? Describe how you can acceleration the southern California strandal ecosystem. Evolution Explain similaritys among predator and spoil and how they can wave allele abundance changes per generations. Be potent to substantiate allele abundance changes among generations ( succeed be open phenotypical changes.... they succeed observe different!)  Predator Prey  Know how carrying capacities wave population enlargement.  How would disconnection (in-particular predator spoil similarity) direct carrying faculty... as courteous as allele abundance changes (be potent to portray the similarity using the provisions in VASR)  Plant Reproduction  Be potent to substantiate the dissection of a ornament (perceive what the character of the scant faculty).  How do these faculty enact a role in pollination?  Describe some techniques of SEED dispersal.  What morphology aids in that cast of cause dispersal (Example: coconuts are indentation so they can bear on impart to recognize them to deal-out via impart).  Why is cause dispersal main?