Biological Philosophy and Evolutionary Thinking( Each answer should be at least 150 words.)

 GIVE ME BEFORE 7 PM ON 3/24/2018 Instructions: Read the subjoined books. If you need to glide, be permanent that you possess a amiable grapple of the heart ideas. In adduction wait the required films that are listed honest underneath the books. After balbutiation the required books for the week and waiting the required films, gladden corcorrespond to this week's essay investigation. ______________________________________ BOOK FOR THIS WEEK DARWIN 101 | AUDIO Version Here Estimated balbutiation time: 2 hours | Required to unravel simply the minority on "The DNA of Consciousness" though the other minoritys are extremely encouraged and get be interposed as extra reputation. _______________________________________ EXTRA CREDIT BOOK (not required, but encouraged) EVOLUTIONARY LIMITS | AUDIO Version Here Estimated balbutiation time: 3 hours _____________________________ Extra Reputation (not required, but encouraged) COSMIC CREATIONISM | audio version Estimated balbutiation time: 2 hours and 30 minutes ______________________________________  Required Films   1. PIVOTAL CONSCIOUSNESS 2. DARWIN'S DNA 3. CHARLES DARWIN  4. EVOLUTION EXPLAINED IN FOUR MINUTES 5. DARWIN-WALLACE DEBATE 6. THE GENETIC CONNECTION 7. THE MAGIC OF EVOLUTION 8. THE EVOLUTIONARY IMPERATIVE All films are suited as shut caption (honest click on the CC button when waiting) ______________________________________ TWO REQUIRED ESSAY QUESTIONS: 1. Why is the plea of evolvement so relevant in mind how civilized individuals behave? 2. Which investigations do you imagine evolvementary plea cannot counter-argument? Be permanent to assistance your counter-arguments delay references to the required balbutiations and films. Each counter-argument should be at smallest 150 say.