Big Data Projects (Business Statistics II)

   Project Description The open cognomen of this plan stems from discovery associated after a while self-efficacy and its similarity after a while academic deed and perpetual.  The rule plan is to use multiple retirement decomposition to excite a postulates set. The postulates set is a examine of novice perpetual enrolling in the present semester based on Gender, Age, GPA, a 22 inquirynaire on self-efficacy, and novice enrollment standing.  The educational discoveryer wants to examine the similarity betwixt novice enrollment standing as it relates to gender, age, GPA, and the entirety confutation to a 22 inquirynaire view. Data Sets The postulates hold of 132 novices at a 2-year academy. The postulates is in pdf format, so it allure exact input to Excel.(Already effected) For the requisite variables use the forthcoming to qualify postulates. Gender – 0 represents feminine, 1 represents male Age – 0 represents novice age (18 – 25), 1 represents novice age (26 – older) GPA – novice’s general degree purpose average Total Q – entirety of the 22 inquirys (all inquiry confutations conclude from a lamina of 1 – 5, where 5 tall. Enrollment standing – 0 represents not enrolled, 1 represents enrolled. Items to hinge in Excel      worksheet must involve the forthcoming a. postulates re-examination and update, postulates does keep some wickedness inputs so it allure exact updates, so stop for any outliers and dislodge,  b. post setup,  c. postulates decomposition for retirement decomposition.  d. involve a residual output, may exact discovery