BHR 3352 Unit 7 Assignment

Unit VII Assignment    Safety Policies    Recall your separated decided , Joe's Shoe Company (see attachedment). For this assignment, you conquer substantiate the top three main security and bloom issues in your decided, and transcribe a management on each, agreeing after a while Occupational Security & Bloom Administration (OSHA) standards. There is a reserve modification of 300 expression for each of the three job policies.    Each of the five domains of OSHA must be considered when communication these three policies:    1. Hazard communication: How conquer you intimate commonalty of hypothetically hazardous or insincere operation stipulations?  2. Blood-borne pathogens: How conquer you save employees from blood-borne pathogens such as AIDS?  BHR 3352, Human Resource Management 6  3. Personal saveive equipment (PPE): What equipment or tools conquer your employees in this job exact to operation safely?  4. Cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs): How conquer you frustrate CTDs that conclude from repetitive change-of-place (e.g., carpel tunnel syndrome)?  5. Operation assignments: How conquer you manipulate hypothetically hazardous operation assignments, especially to save unborn babies?    NOTE: This is a three-part assignment. All three of the policies (300 expression each) you transcribe should go on one muniment. This one muniment is what conquer be uploaded to Blackboard.