BHA Financial Management

   1.      Describe the key elements of the Medicircumspection require noise. Why is this noise      so leading for hospital net revenues?      Your tally must be at meanest 200 control in diffusiveness.  2. Review Exhibit 5.1, Office of Inspector General Work Plan: Selected Areas for Review in Billing and Claims Processing, Fiscal Year 2013, on pages 156-158 of your textbook, and argue actions that a healthcircumspection structure can assume to explain or classify synod penalties inferior this scheme. Your tally must be at meanest 200 control in diffusiveness 3. Describe the key issues associated delay managed circumspection and its cancelment methods. How does managed circumspection application hospital net revenues?   200 control. 4. A key mien of the Patient Protection and Affordable Circumspection Act is rewarding hospitals for zealous achievement and penalizing them for condition issues, such as noble taint rates and noble readmission rates to the address. Explain the details of how PPACA rewards and punishes hospitals for their achievement. 200 control