Benefits Booklet

You accept been asked by your cosmical media (HR) guide to fashion a benefits booklet for the employees among your construction. In your booklet, you achieve clear-up the discretionary (including pension and privacy plans) and mandated benefits that your construction offers. Use Chapters 9 and 10 in the textbook to revisal these types of benefits, and pick-out the ones that you would enjoy to use among your construction. Be unfailing to entirely clear-up these benefits and how to use them among your booklet. When discussing pension and privacy plans, enunfailing that the free-trade requirements for these plans are amply vivid. Your booklet should remain of at last five pages. APA is not required for this assignment; eventually, delight use set-right phraseology and punctuation. Microsoft Word has diverse templates to pick-out from when creating your booklet, or you can quest for templates online; eventually, the gratified of your booklet should be peculiar.  Textbook: Martocchio, J. J. (2017). Strategic compensation: A cosmical riches skill avenue (9th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Pearson.