Benchmark – Professional Capstone and Practicum Reflective Journal

Students are required to retain weekly insensible narratives   throughout the progress to combine into one progress-long insensible   record that integrates start and exploration into prevalent exercise   as it applies to the Professional Capstone and Practicum progress. In your record, you succeed advert on the idiosyncratic conversance and   skills gained throughout this progress. The record should discareer a   variable cabal of the aftercited, depending on your inequitable   exercise immersion clinical experiences: New exercise approaches Intraprofessional   collaboration Health pains grant and clinical systems Ethical considerations in vigor pains Population vigor   concerns The role of technology in decorous vigor pains   outcomes Health policy Leadership and economic   models Health disparities Students succeed draft what they accept discovered encircling their   professional exercise, idiosyncratic strengths and weaknesses that   surfaced, added instrument and abilities that could be introduced   to a abandoned seat to govern optimal outcomes, and finally, how   the scholar met the competencies aligned to this progress. While APA fashion is not required for the organization of this assignment,   solid academic answerableness is expected, and in-text citations and   references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines,   which can be build in the APA Fashion Guide, located in the Scholar   Success Center. This assignment uses a rubric. Please critique the rubric former to   beginning the assignment to grace intimate delay the expectations for   successful whole. You are required to acquiesce this assignment to LopesWrite. Please apply   to the directions in the Scholar Success Center.