Create a individual intent integrating comprehension and math satisfied of stubborn,  decimals, and/or percents. Ensure you accept listed each of the comprehension (NSES)) and math (NCTM)  standards to embrace lore goals and objectives. Create the individual intent including the following: Clear-cut objectives that align to standards. Relevant materials and resources. Differentiation of    instruction to discourse the separate needs of students. Identify the    differentiation strategies for the favoring separate groups. Problem    solving and interrogation strategies The 12 comprehension  processes. Concrete manipulatives to succor unfold comprehension and    fraction/decimal recognition, Inaffected and/or affected impost    that aligns delay objectives. Authentic, formative and/or    summative imposts. Allow for student meditation. Write a narrative of 1,000-1,250 control that discoursees the assignment  criteria, gives favoring examples from the individual intent, and states your rationale. Include an epilogue to the Nursing Dissertation that is a observation of the individual intent.